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"So how does it work?

Step #1: Fill The Form

First step to book your rental car is to fill the form and let us know your: name and email address, the dates you will be needing the car and which pick up point you would like to take the car from.

Step #2: Check Your Email!

After submitting the form, you will receive by email:

  • (Immediately) An Automated Request Confirmation to let you know that your request has succesfully been recorded and is now being processed.
  • (Within 24 hours) Your Car Rental Offer with pricing, type and brand of car, exact location to pick up the rental car and other details relevant for your car rental.

Step #3: Accept the offer!

In response to the Car Rental Offer Email you only need to write that you wish to take the offer, if such is the case. If you have any changes or additions to your booking, now is the time to mention that.

Step #4: Pick up your rental car and begin your adventure!

When you arrive at the pick-up point for your rental car, you will be asked to make the payment and deposit. Once that is taken care of you are ready to go!

Some Questions We Get A Lot:

Is it safe to drive in Mauritius?

Certainly Mauritius is a safe place to drive a rental car. We are thousands of expats from all over the world living here and relying on our cars for our daily transport. Sure, its different from driving in europe, you may have to rely on your instincts a bit more here than blindly follow the traffic rules. Yet it's quick to learn and not dangerous as long as your are cautious during your first days driving your rental car in Mauritius. Do watch out in the motorway roundabouts and beware of Port Louis in rush hour.

How much does it cost?

The price is around € 24 per day depending on the car. However you will also need to place a deposit which will be refunded to you when you deliver back the car. The deposit starts around € 400 depending on car and supplier

Is there a deposit?

The deposit amount to rent the car starts at € 400 or equivalent in other currency. A credit card authorization for the same amount is also possible with most of our suppliers.

Any discounts for long term rental?

Yes discounts may be possible when renting more than a week depending on demand.

What documents are required?

When picking up the rental car, you are required to submit your drivers license and your passport.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes you may cancel your rental car booking before pickup without additional fee's. But please inform us as soon as possible.

What car models are available

We specialize in budget tourist cars such as Nissan Micra and Hyundai i10.

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